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The Creation of the Joplin Regional Airport

Spectators love of air shows led to the creation of Joplin's first airport. In 1927, the Joplin Chamber of Commerce found 160 acres of appropriate property west of the 7th street Empire Electric Substation for the first Joplin Airport. It was the perfect location because it had room enough for two 1/2 mile long diagonal runways and the adjacent golf course would be the emergency landing field. It was only one year later, in 1928 when it was realized that power lines near the airport created a hazard. The U.S. Department of Commerce decided officially that we needed a new location. The City then purchased 400 acres north of Joplin and west of Webb City where the airport still remains today.

Ozark Aviation Inc., the first Commercial Air Service out of Joplin

Since then, the Joplin Regional Airport has grown to over 1,200 acres with two runways each over 6,500 feet long. Many changes have happened over the years; some of the more recent changes to the airport are the replacement of the 60 year old Air Traffic Control Tower and the Commercial Terminal facilities. The new ATC facility is a high-tech 90-foot structure, complete with a 2,100 square-foot base building. The tower houses all necessary equipment and controller facilities for air traffic control and monitoring, while the base building houses FAA field technicians and navigational equipment.

Travelers seek convenience and affordability when flying, and the new $15 million terminal facility provides all of the services of a large airport. Non-stop regional jet service to Denver and Chicago with roundtrip flights offered daily through United, on SkyWest. With gasoline prices still unsteady, flying Joplin offers passengers a cost savings in comparison to other airports to make connections. Plus in Joplin, there is no fee for parking, covered curbside loading and unloading available, and check-in and security procedures are much more convenient. Hertz and Avis rental cars are also available on-site.

Mizzou Aviation, the airport's fixed base operator, providing fueling, charter and aircraft services, as well as flight instruction.

The Commercial Terminal is located at 7331 N. Highway 43, and can be accessed by traveling 1½ miles north of the roundabout of 171 and 43 Highways. The General Aviation entrance is located 1 mile east of that same intersection off of Highway 171. Owned and operated by the City of Joplin, the airport serves the commercial, military, cargo, general aviation, and corporate aviation needs of the four state area. Overall, the airport active airfield covers 970 acres and has two runways and the Aviation Industrial Park. An additional 230 acres supports the light industrial/commercial activity in the Airpark Business Center. More than 100 aircraft are based at Joplin Regional Airport. As a whole, the airport generates over $22 million for the Joplin area economy annually.

JLN Airport History

Ozark Aviation Inc., was the first airline to provide commercial air service from Joplin. They had a six passenger Travel Air 6000 in 1928 with routes to Tulsa and Kansas City.